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101 Harcles Farm Challenge

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..0GC18R00Church Micro 109 - Holy Innocents Southwater24/03/2009
..1GCMW01leaning on a the lamp post08/10/2009
..2GC1H902Church Micro 345…Nevendon04/04/2010
..3GC1KX03Nymans Woods #527/07/2011
..4GCZQ04Ponds, Dew Ponds and Lakes of Sussex #107/10/2007
..5GC23X05The 5 Treasures of Durga: Clandon Hall25/05/2011
..6GCP606Rowfant Mystery21/08/2008
..7GC1BM07The Dragonlady's Beltane Cache10/04/2011
..8GC1KA08Church Micro 418: Theydon Mount12/10/2010
..9GC1BQ09Church Micro 259… Lewes (Jireh Chapel)01/07/2010
.10GC1C110Church Micro 248 - Crowhurst17/03/2010
.11GC19E11Church Micro 148 - Warehorne10/03/2010
.12GC1JJ12Edolph's Copse14/12/2008
.13GC14813spigots and sports20/08/2008
.14GC30414#9 Balcombe Boundaries27/07/2011
.15GC15A15LQ:HANTS - Crossed Wires19/09/2009
.16GC2GR16Doing a Rachel !!!29/03/2011
.17GC1HZ17Church Micro 158 St Mary Caterham15/11/2008
.18GC19A18Church Micro 175 - Brenchley28/11/2009
.19GC1HT19Church Micro 149...Old Romney10/03/2010
.20GC16X20Peter's Legacy07/11/2007
.21GC10R21Members of Parliament07/06/2011
.22GC1WK22DEAD CENTRE14/06/2011
.23GC1PR23Sussex ABC - P is for Pease Pottage10/05/2011
.24GCWB24Cold War Kemnal06/11/2007
.25GC12J25 Take your punishment Seaman Stanes01/05/2007
.27GC14N27A Herculean Challenge31/07/2007
.28GC24M28Crawley Down Crawl #2127/04/2011
.29GCVC29’X’ Marks The Spot II – Nanny’s Revenge12/01/2008
.30GC17330Bluebell Bank05/07/2009
.31GC18031More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 213/01/2008
.32GC19532Church Micro 130 - Tonbridge28/11/2009
.33GC1NY33Sussex Trig Points #11 - Beacon Hill08/02/2011
.34GC18034More puzzles where I tell you exactly what to do 329/12/2007
.35GC1D535Around the Village Green - Staplefield27/07/2011
.36GC11M36Beastleytoo !!!27/03/2007
.37GCYK37Nonsuch Park Cache27/08/2008
.38GC1NW38Church Micro 522…Pitsea04/04/2010
.39GCPM39Start Point30/12/2009
.40GC25V40Scaynes Hill to Horsted Keynes #721/06/2011
.41GC1A841Church Micro 228 - St Mary's, Ewell27/08/2008
.42GC1FJ42Guildford to Horsham - Telegraph01/03/2011
.43GC1EH43I Love/Hate Puzzles (series 2) #226/07/2008
.44GC17G44Back to school11/02/2008
.45GC1QZ45G019 Church Micro 659 Hill St Michaels Church01/08/2011
.46GCRE46Self-Guided Cache – Rodborough Common (Surrey)22/03/2011
.47GC17D47Church Micro 14 Bonus17/11/2007
.48GC26348Church Micro 1098 Durweston28/06/2011
.49GC15349LQ:ESSEX - West Wood Ho!05/07/2009
.50GCX950Muddled? Gin Can Mend! (7,3)11/02/2007
.51GC1D851Drinking Fountain and Troughs 006 - Keepers Corner21/08/2008
.52GC18652Mill Micro 33 - Skimmington Windmill23/02/2008
.53GC1KM53Church Micro 442: Good Easter03/05/2011
.54GCC154Pulpit Sermon (Bucks)12/07/2011
.55GC1AN55Do the Funky Gibbon20/08/2008
.56GC1YP56Killer #2: Gunshot Wound08/10/2009
.57GC2CA57Church Micro 730...Ashtead - St George’s01/08/2010
.58GCD658HM3 - The Village Green (Herts)12/07/2011
.59GCD659HM4 - A gate to nowhere (Herts)12/07/2011
.61GC1H861LQ:CITY - Bazalgette's Bank18/10/2008
.63GCR563Babbling Beverley23/03/2009
.64GC1DQ64Sidetracked - Leatherhead06/07/2008
.66GC1RX66Rüdesheimer Rheinwiesen Traditional03/06/2010
.67GCMJ67SNOW WHITE14/01/2007
.68GC1HT68Beyond Scott's Well28/12/2008
.69GCKC69Castell de Santa Àgueda08/10/2008
.70GC17970LQ:GTR LONDON - Wandsworth Park23/03/2009
.71GC171View from Coombe Hill12/07/2011
.72GCVG72Dorking's 3Ws: Westhumble Semiotic Cache25/10/2010
.73GC1B373Church Micro 42...Woodmansterne11/05/2008
.74GC1Z074Memorial in the Gardens27/04/2011
.75GC1T075Haroldslea Hunt #512/07/2009
.76GC1B376Church Micro 50...North Holmwood18/04/2008
.77GC177Tim & Jon's 1st Re-Stashed12/07/2011
.78GC5D78Lookout Point12/02/2011
.79GC1FJ79Really SideTracked - Cranleigh01/03/2011
.80GC1DF80Papercourt Pathways 1301/07/2008
.81GC2JH81BBL 30 Betchworth Brockham Loops31/03/2011
.82GCHW82ZonePet2 - Silver Machine08/10/2009
.83GC36983Headley Stroll #124/10/2011
.84GC1K084I'm Doing it in Stile14/02/2009
.85GC1WW85Dry Hill Hike #1407/06/2011
.86GC1AN86TV Shows #124/06/2008
.87GCQ987The Pitch Series: Pitch 1 (Surrey Hills)23/09/2007
.88GCNA88Waiting for the Hadleigh Express (Essex)05/07/2009
.89GC1MR89Church Micro 472. St Mary's. East Molesey.19/04/2009
.90GC1K690MUG5 (Mugswell Meander)02/01/2009
.91GC1CD91Something Fishy Going On? - Chub28/09/2008
.92GCA692Kew Gardens Virtual Cache01/08/2007
.94GC1CD94Something Fishy Going On? - Bream28/09/2008
.95GC19B95Church Micro 39...Danehill30/12/2008
.96GC1HE96Church Micro 353…Great Burstead29/06/2010
.97GC6397Roaring Down (Surrey)15/11/2008
.98GC19B98Church Micro 38...Chailey30/12/2008
.99GCH599White Downs Wonder22/04/2007
100GC1M100Wotton Clockwise Circuit: Starter31/01/2009