Amazing Adventure Tip

For some of my mazes, whether because they're designed that way, or because you've after the 'cheat' I've provided, it will be necessary to leave home to collect some information (typically passwords to protected locations) and then return home to enter it into the maze. If you live some distance away this could be a bit tedious.

For laptop owners there is a possible solution. Once the maze has fully loaded you no longer need an Internet connection, the game will continue to play perfectly happily. So, leave the laptop switched on, leave the browser running and pointing to the maze page. When you've collected the information you should be in a position to continue solving the maze.

What if you get squashed by a troll? The trick here is to have previously saved the page address as a favorite or bookmark. Selecting the favorite/bookmark should reload the page from files that are cached on your laptop.

This works for me (Windows XP with Firefox) but I do not guarantee it will work for you. Equally, it may be the case that you can configure your software so that even if you switch off the laptop the next time you switch on the page is available. You may want to try a little experimentation to see what is possible. Equally, you may decide this is time you could better spend caching!