Amazing Adventure Instructions


In the beginning was the void, and it was grey and pretty boring. Then the Flying Spaghetti Monster created the Blue Blob. And the Blue Blob went forth and reality became manifest as it traversed the passages of the maze and bumped into its walls. And lo, after much searching and overcoming many challenges, in the furthest extents and hidden recesses were found the co-ordinates of a great treasure.

Move mode

You start the game in this mode. Use the arrow keys to move the Blue Blob. Initially you will have to use trial and error to identify passages and walls. If you attempt to enter a protected location you switch into password mode (see below).

Maze view

The full maze may be bigger than the 21 x 15 view you have. The view will move automatically to keep the Blue Blob in sight. You can also move the view (when in move mode) using these keys: N (North/up), E (East/right), S (South/down), W )West/left). You may not move the view outside the maze. You may not move the view such that the Blue Blob would not be visible.

Password mode

Idealy, solve the clue and type in the answer. When you have finished typing in your answer, press either of the Enter or Return keys to submit it. If correct, you are moved fully into the location. If incorrect, you are unceremoniously booted back to your previous location. Either way you are switched back to move mode. To simply give up, use the appropriate arrow key to back out.

Note: If the answer is hyphenated [e.g. (4-6)] you will need to type in the hyphen. If the answer consists of multiply words [e.g. (3,2,6)] you will need to type spaces between the words. If I'm feeling unhelpful I may give you (*-*) or (*,*,*) or possibly nothing at all!

Linked locations

There may (or may not) be mysterious linkages between different, potentially far flung, locations. If two or more protected locations are linked then you need to solve all of the locations before you can proceed beyond any of the linked locations. Information linkage of locations is similar in that all of the locations must be visited before the restriction is lifted. The restriction is that the information at one, some or all of the linked locations will not be displayed. Similarly, teleport locations may not become opperational until all linked locations have been visited.

There may be a message displayed to help you. It might tell you precisely where the linked locations are, it might tell you how many other locations are linked to this one or it might just let you know that there there are linked locations that you need to discover and visit. However, for information and teleport linkages, there may be no indication what-so-ever that there is information that is not being displayed! Now isn't that cruel.


Mazes may or may not contain trolls. Troll lore is readily available inside the first six mazes and may or may not be of use. In brief, they're nasty creatures that are best avoided. Unfortunately for you they often guard information you need, and therefore need to be dealt with, somehow.

The Teleport

Any available/operational teleport departure point will be clearly marked (unless surpressed - see next paragraph). You will normally be told where it will take you, though I reserve the right to be cryptic or downright mysterious. Usage can vary between 'one time' and unlimited. You may or may not get a message telling you about this! A teleport may have the potential to take you to just a single destination, a limited number of different destinations or anywhere in the maze.

The use of teleport linked locations can make a teleport unavailable. In these circumstances you will usually get a message to tell you that the location is a potential teleport departure point (see linked locations, above). However, be aware that it is possible for a teleport departure point to be completely hidden! Which of course would be extremely cruel of me.

There are some limitations to be aware of. You cannot teleport into a protected location, a location occupied by a troll or into a wall (messy). However, be aware that any such attempt, even though prevented, counts against the usage of the teleport.

To activate the teleport, press 'T'. If there is just a single destination then you are taken directly there. If there are a choice of locations you enter teleport mode (and the background of the location you're at turns yellow). Type in either the co-ordinate of the location or its name. A co-ordinate takes the form H,20 and is the more common way of using the teleport. To use a name you must first obtain said name, which is probably easier said than done....


You may or may not find the Flying Spaghetti Monster website interesting and/or humourous. However, it will not in the slightest way help you with solving the mazes!

Trolls tend to flail around a lot and as a consequence are quite good at 'manifesting reality'.