Dorking Heritage Trail 2

  1. N51 13.960 W000 19.955 St. Martinís Church. Who made the gates? Just want the first word. (7)


  2. N51 13.908 W000 20.020 Dorking Museum. If the whites gates are locked you wonít be able to get to the plaque but that doesnít matter. In front of the museum display window are two manhole covers. One of them has a word in the middle. What is it? (9)


  3. N51 13.899 W000 20.040 Blue plaque to the Pilgrim Fathers. Very near here you will find a metal cover set flush in the pavement with S&ES WATER on it. Also on the cover are three different 4 digit numbers. One of these numbers appears twice. This is the number you want. (4)


  4. N51 13.908 W000 20.138 Blue plaque to Dorkingís first Methodist chapel. A few feet further on you will find a small metal object set flush in the pavement. What are the letters on it? (5,4)


  5. N51 13.880 W000 20.138 The site of whose yard? Dorking mason. 1750 - 1950. Just want the first word. (7)


  6. N51 13.839 W000 20.049 War Memorial. What is the very last name at the bottom on the right wing? Ignore the initial. Words required in the order they appear. (5,5)


  7. N51 13.870 W000 19.993 About halfway between the Butler Hill, Rose Hill and Rotunda plaque and the Bulls Head and Pump Corner plaque. Whose medical eye centre? Just want the main name. (8)


  8. N51 13.907 W000 19.949 Kings Head court plaque. Note: You will not be able to get this answer when the area is locked up. Fear not, if this is the case you'll just be short the additional hint, which in any case you probably won't need. If the gates are unlocked you will be able to get access to where the plaque can be found. High up, above the door to the right of the plaque is a notice. The first two lines read "The Olde Kings Head". What is the first word of the third line? (7)


  9. N51 13.904 W000 19.942 Smallish, head high, plaque on wall concerning the Wheatsheaf Inn 1450 - 1973. Restored by who in 1978? Just the first word. (8)